Important Phone Numbers:

Emergency 911

Toronto Hydro 416-542-8000

Toronto Water Department 416-392-2489

Toronto 311 Service 311

Enbridge Gas 1-877-362-7434

Carma Electric 1-888-298-3336

Management Offices:

**Corktown** 416-945-7902 or 416-729-7778

**Douro St.** 416-203-3710

**Gardens at Queen** St  416-607-6079

**Joe Shuster Way/Laidlaw** 416-939-6421

**Liberty Village** 416-535-3938

**Massey Estates** 416-640-6730 ext 123

**South Beach Marina** 416-591-2363

**Sudbury St.** 416-630-1234 xt 212 905-760-7890

**Trinity Park Lofts**

Authorized Repair Companies:

For All General Repairs small or large and Emergency Repairs Call or Text Rino 416-569-0284

Specialty Repairs:

HVAC Heating & Air Conditioning Pinewood Ashley or Cindy 905-479-0542

Plumbing MPCS Plumbing. Non Emergency Please email: .

In the event of an Emergency Plumbing issue Please Call or Text Eric 416-797-8669

Locksmith Dave 416-699-4716

Appliance Repairs Toronto Appliance Services 416-559-1558 or 416-781-9111

Pest Control Pest Protection Plus Ben 647-391-7378

Smoke and Co2 Detectors- Arthur -Robertson Fire 416-233-3934